Community Education

Childbirth Education Classes

A five-week course taught periodically for you and your family. Call 435.781.6833 for information on current classes. All classes are taught in the Women's Center.

Topics include:

  • Getting to know the hospital and the OB department
  • Understanding your pregnancy
  • Signs and symptoms of labor
  • Pain management options
  • Postpartum care
  • Caring for yourself and infant at home.

Call 435.781.6833 if you have any questions or learn more about upcoming classes.

Diabetes Education

Ashley Regional Diabetes Education Program provides outpatient education to people of all ages with Type 1, 2, Pre-diabetes, and Gestational and Pre-gestational diabetes mellitus. The American Diabetes Association has recognized the program as a quality program in diabetes self-management education.

Our program employs the services of a registered dietitian with a national credential as a certified diabetes educator (CDE). The CDEs at Ashley Regional Diabetes Education Program subscribe to the team approach in diabetes care, working closely with primary physicians and patients.

In addition to general diabetes education, the program also includes:

  • Intensive insulin instruction, sick day guidelines, and carbohydrate counting
  • A blood glucose monitor ‘loaner' program for women with gestational diabetes
  • Training for the use of insulin pumps
  • Interpreter services and written materials for Spanish-speaking patients
  • Blood sugar meter download programs
  • Community presentations for diabetes education, screening, and awareness
  • Yearly activities for American Diabetes Month (November)

If you have questions regarding Ashley Regional Diabetes Education Program,  Call Jenny Henderson, Diabetic Educator  435.781.6874