Ashley Regional Medical Center Recognizes Staff Milestone Anniversaries

November 24, 2020

In a year unlike any other, Ashley Regional Medical Center modified the annual Employee Recognition Dinner to adhere to current public health guidelines. In lieu of the in-person dinner that is typically held, the staff was individually recognized by their department manager to celebrate the achievement of 5, 10, 15, etc. years of service at the hospital. 

Department managers met with each of their staff to share their personal gratitude for what each and every person has brought to our organization, our patients, and our community. A gift and certificate, along with an additional gift card for a special dinner for them and a guest of choice were presented to each person. Every one of these individuals has shown great commitment and compassion within their specific roles throughout Ashley Regional. Employees who were honored this year include:


5 Years of Service

Beth Carroll

Tiya Armstrong

Darlene Peterson

Patty Hardinger

Cassi Massey

Daniel Feltch

Keith Walker

Mackenzie Davis

Amberlee Farnsworth

Sharon Connelly

Kimberly Jackson

Ricki Troendle

Tama Anderson

10 Years of Service

Megan Carroll

Mindy Foster

15 Years of Service

Kimberly Kobernick

20 Years of Service

Jeff Hanberg

Chris Felkins

Buz Fletcher

25 Years of Service

Cindy Hancock

30 Years of Service

Troy Ashby

Sherry Campbell

Dennis Long

Deena Mansfield

Peggy Flaata

“We are grateful to have these individuals as part of the team here at Ashley Regional,” said Wes Taylor CEO. “Although we were unable to celebrate in-person this year, we believe it is important to recognize the role and commitment that each of our employees provides to their departments, patients and the facility on a daily basis.”

Highlighting this year’s honorees, five staff celebrate 30 years with Ashley Regional Medical Center. Taylor noted, “The work of each individual is appreciated; however, we cannot go without also thanking staff spouses and significant others for their support of their loved one’s work.”