Studies show that debilitating headaches
force otherwise healthy, active people to
often spend their days bedridden - with
some estimates showing more than 112
million days lost per year with this illness in
the U.S. alone.
Headaches can be a life changing event.
Dr. Buchanan and Melinda Allen have
put together the first integrated headache
program in this area. Their approach will
be multi-faceted and help you with all
aspects of your lifestyle.
Treatments may include:
• Botox
• Herbal therapies
• Migraine Medications
• Massage Therapy
• Exercise Education
• Strengthening and Stretching
• Electrical Stimulation
• Dietary/Nutrition Consultations
The new Headache Clinic will be managed by
Dr. Thomas Buchanan, Neurologist with
Neurology of Eastern Utah and Melinda
Allen, Nurse Practitioner.

Call 435-781-8464 for appointments

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      Thomas Buchanan, Neurologist                                         Melinda Allen, NP