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CT (Computed Tomography)

Low-Dose Lung Cancer CT Scan

Take a Lung Health Assessment

Lung cancer is the leading cause of cancer deaths in the United States, killing more people than colon, breast, pancreatic and prostate cancers combined. Eighty-five percent of lung cancer cases occur in current or former smokers. Fortunately, this disease is often treatable if caught early.

Recent studies show that low-dose CT lung cancer screening can lower your risk of dying from lung cancer.

Lightspeed VCT XT 64-slice CT

Ashley Regional has incorporated one of the most advanced diagnostic tools for helping physicians reach confident d

iagnoses to provide the best patient care. 

The new Lightspeed VCT XT 64-slice CT delivers high quality images of the human body with lowered radiation dose.

The 64-slice CT complements and extends the range of quality diagnostic services that Ashley Regional can provide to Northeastern Utah. It provides vastly improved image quality and imaging speed, and enhances overall diagnostic confidence in all types of studies.

CT exams are used when people are ill or injured, or when a physician suspects a medical problem that is not easily detectable from a conventional physical examination. A CT scan non-invasively assists the physician in the diagnosis of a variety of anatomical areas. For instance, 10 years ago, there were no definitive tests to diagnose appendicitis, but with advanced CT imagery, the appendics can often be visualized and diagnosed eliminating unnecessary surgery.

With this new technology stunning images of the heart can be taken while reducing your radiation dosage by 83%. New advanced neuro CT imaging gives your physician twice as much brain coverage in a single scan - with up to 24% dose reduction. The new CT capabilities at Ashley Regional Medical Center are just another example of the hospital's commitment to the people of Northeastern Utah to provide quality healthcare.

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